Solana's very first Carnvial

Total Supply

1333 NFTs

Mint Date

November 22nd (OGs)

Mint Price

0.3 SOL

About Us

Think of SCS as the one place in Solana you can actually have fun with people, play games, go to a store to buy traits to customize your SCS character, stake you nfts, r2e and much more. We’ll also partner up with to make an outstanding CarnivalDAO

With Bots Like:

  • Mints Of The Day
  • Degen Mints Of The Day
  • Alpha Calls
  • Solana Price Analysis
  • Red Flag Warnings
  • News Highlights
  • Watchlist
  • ME Data
  • Statistics Tracker
  • Sales Bot

With what we have said here, we really  believe this will bring happiness & joy to the Solana blockchain.

Early Mint (OG)

We will have small mint of 333 of our GoldenTicket to gain funds to create our first CarnivalGame


Holders will receive 20% of secondary market sales and 0.05 $SOL for each NFT they hold. This will be sent from the mint funds!

  • Mint date: November 22
  • Mint Price: 0.3 $SOL
  • Only for OGs
  • We will put funds and develop the game while we grow the community slow and steady, while releasing SneakPeeks along the way!
  • The creation of our own SPL Token
  • We will create our own token, $CLWN, When this will be released, we will also open a shop where u can buy different “loot boxes” that contains a certain amount of $SOL, $DUST, Mystery Boxes etc.
  • *$CLWN will be usable in different games, raffles, minting of the second collection, staking and our very own undergound gambling rooms, raid 2 earn etc.
  • We hope and do our best that the Full game will be readily available post-mint, to be immediately playable by the carnival members
  • We will mint the tickets for the game after our members have tried out the game and have a community vote to mint first phase, which is the Tickets
  • The TraitShop will be worked on after the artist is finished with PFP COLLECTON
  • Hopefully in 1-3 years time. I will try my best to make holders able to join the carnival through PC and/or Vr headset and actually walk around & chat inside the Carnvial!

Tickets will be minted first!

1222 Supply with 70% revenue share on 2 Games! | Mint Price: 0.25 $SOL

And a little while after we released the tickets, we’ll release the PFP Collection, 5555 supply, all with different traits | Mint price: TBA

  • 2500 ladies with 25% revenue share on ALL Games
  • 2500 men with 25% revenue share on ALL Games
  • 555 bears with 40% revenue share on ALL Games

We choose to give men & ladies the same amount of revenue share while Bears will get 15% more, which will make them more exclusive!


Phase 1

• Formation of Core Team
• Initiation of Game Development
• Generation of Carnival Tickets
• Generation of Carnival Logo
• Generation of SPL Token Logo
• Generation of SPL Token
• SPL Token Giveaways
• Sneak Peaks of Carnival Tickets

• Marketing Initiation and Collabs
• Giveaways on Socials
• Formation of CarnivalDAO
• Community Polls
• Whitelist Allocation
• Alpha Toolkit
• Major Community Decision Making

Phase 2

• 1st Game Development Sneak Peaks
• 1st Game Release For Holders
• Carnival Ticket Mint
• DAO Wallet Creation

• DAO Wallet Tracking
• 1st Public Game Release
• Major Marketing
• Initiation of SolanaCarnival PFPs







Sneak Peaks of Solana Carnival Tickets Collection